The Gelatin Book

The Gelatin Book Author Emily Thacker
ISBN-10 1623970326
Release 2011-08-01
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Gelatin Can Be Used For WHAT? Doctors and researchers around the world are praising the healing power of gelatin! What used to be known as just a shaky, quaky fun food is now a useful remedy to treat many ailments. But can gelatin really improve health? The answer is a resounding yes! A leading medical center that specializes in treating children recommends the use of gelatin to treat babies and children with vomiting and diarrhea. It also helps with the problem of dehydration because gelatin helps replace some of the minerals lost through diarrhea. And we all know that dehydration in babies and the elderly can be life threatening. The amazing healing power of gelatin can even help those suffering from osteoarthritis! Those who have osteoarthritis know that the disease is due to the deterioration of cartilage between the bones. When bone rubs against bone the pain is acute. Collagen is a necessary ingredient needed to rebuild joint cartilage. Some people may not make enough collagen to replace what is naturally lost. This is where gelatin can step in. Here's the good news... gelatin is rich in the two amino acids that make up collagen - proline and glycine. Since gelatin is a protein derived from collagen, researchers have now found that it can help to stop the disease in its tracks - and even help to repair the damage! All this and much more is available for the first time ever in the one-of-a-kind "The Gelatin Book" Imagine! Gelatin as a healing home remedy. But it's true! What else can gelatin be used for? It has a long history as a healing balm. In the sick room it is a well-known comfort food. It settles the stomach and digestive system, and is soothing to the throat. It is as much a staple in hospitals as are nurses and bandages! Let's face it - gelatin is cheery! It comes in fun colors, it slides down easily, and it is easy to digest. Best of all - it shakes and wiggles, squishes and jiggles!

The Science and Technology of Gelatin

The Science and Technology of Gelatin Author Alan Gordon Ward
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924084874837
Release 1977
Pages 564
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The structure and properties of collagen. The structure and composition of colagen containing tissues. Chemical constitution of gelatin. The physical chemistry of gelatin in solution. Relationship between collagen and gelatin. The gelatin gel and the sol-gel transformation. The chemical reactivity of gelatin. The physical properties of gelatin. Raw materials. technology of gelatin manufacture. Uses of gelatin in edible products, Uses of colagen in ediblle products. Technical and pharmaceutical uses of gelatine. Swelling adsoption and the photographic uses of gelatin. the chemical examination of gelatin. Physical tests for gelatin products.

The Gelatin Secret

The Gelatin Secret Author Sylvie McCracken
ISBN-10 0986146013
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 158
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The Gelatin Secret has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Gelatin Secret also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Gelatin Secret book for free.

Gelatin Bubbles and Beyond

Gelatin Bubbles and Beyond Author Brian Utley
ISBN-10 0692822704
Release 2017-01-25
Pages 94
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Gelatin Expert, Tami Utley, shows how to create her signature gelatin bubbles and 6 other gelatin techniques to use in the 12 projects in this book. Learn bubbles, bending bubbles, flexible gelatin and more to create cute bumblebees, stunning swans, whimsical projects and more. Step by step instructions, expert tips and pictures make working with gelatin easy for everyone.

Hello Jell O

Hello  Jell O Author Victoria Belanger
ISBN-10 9781607741121
Release 2012-02-28
Pages 128
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Food blogger Victoria Belanger shares the secrets to creating inspired, modern gelatin desserts—with fresh fruits and flavors, new twists on trendy treats, and easy but artistic presentations. A classic, nostalgic treat is getting a makeover, thanks to innovative culinary bloggers like Victoria Belanger—aka the Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn—whose jiggly creations have caught the eye of food journalists, trendspotters, and a new generation of food crafters. In Hello, Jell-O!, Belanger shares her secrets for turning humble gelatin into impressive yet economical desserts that will steal the show at your next party or potluck. Featuring holiday crowd-pleasers such as Pumpkin Pie and Eggnog Rum, kid-friendly favorites like Root Beer Float Squares, grownup boozy bites like Sparkling Champagne and Strawberries, and vegan delights like Watermelon Basil Agar, the Jello Mold Mistress serves up recipes for every occasion. The deliciously wiggly versions of Key Lime Pie, Chai Tea Panna Cotta, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups will charm the inner child in every sophisticated home cook. Readers can create these whimsical recipes using their favorite gelatin products, from unflavored gelatin powders to preflavored gelatins from popular brands like Knox and Jell-O (both brands are registered trademarks, and their owners are not sponsors of Hello, Jell-O! or otherwise affiliated with the book).

Gelatin and Pudding Shot Recipes Mom Never Made it Like THIS

Gelatin and Pudding Shot Recipes Mom Never Made it Like THIS Author Lisa Doherty
ISBN-10 9780557001682
Release 2008-10-02
Pages 48
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This book goes out to all of you pudding lovers out there - you know who you are This book contains some candy and dessert recipes of the pudding variety. While they may not taste exactly like the original, it is pretty darn close For the gelatin, we have some classic drinks, tasty treats and a few creations of my own. There are a lot of fun recipes in here, like Dew Me on the Beach and Nuclear Kamikaze. Some of the mild ones have nice fruity flavor, such as Starburst and Mango Peach Melange. But ...if strong is what you are looking for, try a Home Wrecker or Strawberry Long Island Iced Tea Enjoy THIS BOOK HAS PERFECT BINDING.

Book Art

Book   Art Author Dorothy Simpson Krause
ISBN-10 9781440315671
Release 2009-05-12
Pages 144
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Discover what happens when you add artmaking and bookbinding together. With Book + Art, explore the basics of surfaces, images and words in order to create provocative works of art with layers of meaning. Whether you're altering a pre-made book or creating your own, here you'll find both the instruction and the inspiration to get it done. In addition to learning mixed-media techniques—such as how to age paper, transfer images and make your own monoprints—you'll be given step-by-step instruction for numerous book structures including: Single-fold and bi-fold books Simple and extended accordions Perfect bindings Side-sewn books Single- and multiple-signature books Boxes Unbound collections Add the art of the book and the book as art to your own artmaking repertoire today and start making your own meaningful artists' books. Foreword by Judith A. Hoffberg, Editor and Publisher of Umbrella.

Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine

Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine Author Nathan Ralph Gotthoffer
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D00864597Q
Release 1945
Pages 162
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Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine book for free.

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book

The Cloth Paper Scissors Book Author Barbara Delaney
ISBN-10 9781620331866
Release 2013-03-10
Pages 160
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Find out where paint, paper, fabric, metal, and wax all come to play with this easy-to-download The Cloth Paper Scissors Book. Uncover the very best articles and projects from the first six years of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Barbara Delaney, assistant editor for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, has assembled a gold mine of the top articles, hands-on art pieces, and mixed-media ideas for the first time ever. Explore the exciting worlds of collage, journaling, encaustic, printing, assemblage, metal work, and more. Discover how to make interesting fabric surface designs, keep a uniquely-you sketchbook, and transform a basic photograph into something unexpected. The only rule in this must-have mixed-media resource is that there are no rules. In addition to projects and techniques, the artists of The Cloth Paper Scissors Book elaborate on their favorite tools and mediums. Choosing and using just the right paint, fabric, paintbrush, glue, paper, wax, found object, and more is made easy for you with this light-hearted guide. The projects inside are suitable for many skill levels, with opportunities for every mixed-media enthusiast to have fun while enhancing their skills and adding a personal touch to their art. If you are new to mixed-media, you will love the accessible and easy-to-learn projects. And if you are already familiar with mixed-media and Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, you will love the convenience of owning so many great articles and art project ideas in one superb collection. With The Cloth Paper Scissors Book, you'll enjoy the advice and company of the best mixed-media artists in the convenience of your own home or while you're out and about!

The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes

The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes Author Christopher James
ISBN-10 9781285089317
Release 2015-03-05
Pages 736
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Written by internationally acclaimed artist and photographer Christopher James, THE BOOK OF ALTERNATIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESSES: 3rd Edition is the definitive text for students and professionals studying alternative photographic processes and the art of hand-made photographic image making. This innovative Third Edition brings the medium up to date with new and historic processes that are integrated with the latest contemporary innovations, adaptations, techniques, and art work. This 800 page edition is packed with more than 700 exquisite illustrations featuring historical examples as well as the art that is currently being made by professional alternative process, artists, teachers, and students of the genre. The third edition is the complete and comprehensive technical and aesthetic resource exploring and delving into every aspect of alternative photographic process photography. Each chapter introduces the history of a technique, presents an overview of the alternative photographic process that will be featured, reviews its chemistry, and provides practical and easy to follow guidance in how to make it work. In his conversational writing style, James also explores the idiosyncrasies, history, and cultural connections that are such a significant part of the history of photography. Featuring traditional and digital contact negative production as well as an array of processes, spread out over 28 chapters, THE BOOK OF ALTERNATIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESSES: 3RD EDITION delivers clear instructions, practical workflows and advice, humor, history, art, and immeasurable inspiration. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Gelatin Materials

Gelatin Materials Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015051140070
Release 1984*
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Gelatin Materials has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gelatin Materials also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gelatin Materials book for free.

Gelatine Handbook

Gelatine Handbook Author Reinhard Schrieber
ISBN-10 9783527610976
Release 2007-06-27
Pages 347
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A practical summary of the technical and technological as well as nutritional and physiological properties attained through the targeted selection of raw materials and the corresponding production processes. The two authors come from the world's leading gelatine company and adopt here an international approach, enabling their knowledge to be transferred between the various application areas on a global scale. Following an introduction to and the history of gelatine, the text surveys the global industry and current trends, before going on to analyze the basic physical, chemical and technological properties of gelatine. Manufacturing, including quality and safety and the processing of powder, instant gelatine and hydrolysate are dealt with next, prior to an in-depth review of applications in beverages and foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, health and osteoarthritis, among others. The whole is rounded off by future visions and a useful glossary. Aimed at all gelatine users, heads and technicians in production and quality control, product developers, students of food science and pharmacy as well as marketing experts within the industry and patent lawyers.

The Complete Book on Gums and Stabilizers for Food Industry

The Complete Book on Gums and Stabilizers for Food Industry Author H. Panda
ISBN-10 9788178331317
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 480
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Gums are plant flours (like starch or arrowroot) that make foods & other products thick. Gums are used in foods for many reasons besides being used as a thickener. Gums are important ingredient in producing food emulsifier, food additive, food thickener & other gum products. The main reason for adding a gum or hydrocolloid to a food product is to improve its overall quality. India is the largest producer of gums specially guar gum products. Similarly stabilizers are an indispensable substance in food items when added to the food items, they smoothens uniform nature and hold the flavouring compounds in dispersion. Gum technology stabilizers are carefully controlled blends of various food ingredients. Most processed foods need some sort of stabilization at some point during production, transportation, storage and serving. The science and technology of hydrocolloids used in food and related systems has seen many new developments and advances over recent years. The breadth and depth of knowledge of gums and stabilizers has increased tremendously over the last two decades, with researchers in industry and academia collaborating to accelerate the growth. Gums as food constituents or as food additives can influence processing conditions in the following ways; retention of water, reduction of evaporation rates, alteration of freezing rates, modification of ice crystal formation and participation in chemical reactions. Some of the fundamentals of the book are functions of gum, typical food applications, gums in food suspensions, rheology and characters of gums, natural product exudates, flavor fixation, ice cream, ices and sherbets, gelation of low methoxyl pectin, seaweed extracts, microbial gums, transformation of collagen to gelatin, cellulose gums, dairy food applications, bakery product applications, analysis of hydrocolloids, gums in food products, general isolation of gums from foods, identification of gums in specific foods, group analysis and identification schemes, group identification methods, qualitative group analysis etc. This book contains rheology of gums, plant sheet gums, microbial gums, cellulose gums and synthetic hydrocolloids different stabilizers used in food industry. The book will be very resourceful to all its readers, new entrepreneurs, scientist, food technologist, food industries etc.

The All American Dessert Book

The All American Dessert Book Author Nancy Baggett
ISBN-10 0618240004
Release 2005
Pages 406
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Presents an assortment of American dessert recipes from small-town chefs and bakers, covering such categories as pies, cakes, puddings, cookies, ice cream, and candies.

The American Family Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge Or Book of 7223 Receipts and Facts

The American Family Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge  Or Book of 7223 Receipts and Facts Author Thomas Webster
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433006783991
Release 1856
Pages 1238
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The American Family Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge Or Book of 7223 Receipts and Facts has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The American Family Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge Or Book of 7223 Receipts and Facts also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The American Family Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge Or Book of 7223 Receipts and Facts book for free.

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book Author Jan Miller
ISBN-10 0696224038
Release 2006
Pages 656
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Features more than 1,400 recipes, including dishes with an ethnic flare, vegetarian appeal, and twenty-minute preparation time, nutrition facts, expanded cooking tips, and quick reference symbols.

The Arts Crafts Busy Book

The Arts   Crafts Busy Book Author Trish Kuffner
ISBN-10 9781442411234
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 408
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The Arts & Crafts Busy Book is packed with 365 fun arts and crafts activities for toddlers and preschoolers, including drawing, simple sewing, paper-mâché, and painting projects. This book also includes basic craft recipes for paint, play dough, clay, and more, using ingredients found around the home. The Arts & Crafts Busy Book is sure to give parents and daycare providers great ideas for keeping young children busy! An iParenting Media Award winner! The Arts & Crafts Busy Book is packed with 365 fun, creative activities to stimulate your child every day of the year! This book will encourage children ages two to six to use their creativity and self-expression. It shows parents and daycare providers how to: focus a child’s energy constructively using paint, glue, play dough, paper, and markers; encourage the development of a child’s concentration and coordination, as well as organizational skills; save money by making many of the supplies with items found around the home; and celebrate holidays and special occasions with projects and activities. This book is sure to keep young children busy for hours! It is written with warmth and sprinkled with humor and insight. An iParenting Media Award Winner!